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Sauna Belt - Weight loss Fat lose slim through Sauna Belt
Description & Use:

Sweat away unwanted fats at the press of a button …with Sauna belt. At times some troubling question might knock your mind such as:
When will I get relieve from back pain?
Why I can’t lose weight rapidly?
How can I burn those unnecessary calories?
Would I suffer from obesity in the upcoming years?
With the use of this crème de le crème weight loosing device one can get back the perfect shape and looks.


The Sauna Belt works by heating on those body parts where the excess weight has to be reduced.
It cuts down fats, cellulite, relax the muscles and simultaneously the wearer can watch TV, laze in the room, complete the household works, read a novel or indulge in anything desired.
No exhausting workouts, no heavy weight loss equipments, no intake of harmful pills or syrup. All you need is simply superb Sauna belt.
Burn those excessive calories around abdomen, waist, back and thighs without tiring workout sessions and see your obesity disappearing amazingly.
Moreover it enhances the metabolism and relaxes the stressed muscle right instantaneously.

Sauna Belt comes with 6 Months Manufacturing Warranty
Instructions For Use:

  • 1. Strap The Sauna Belt Around The Chosen Body Part (Abdomen, Waist Or Hips). The Sauna Belt Should Completely Surround Your Body Without Getting Creased, Doubled Over Or Folded. Do Not Strap The Sauna Belt On Too Tightly To Achieve The Sauna Effect.
  • 2. Make Sure The Temperature Regulator Is Switched Off.
  • 3. Plug The Sauna Belt Into The Mains.
  • 4. Turn The Dial On The Temperature Regulator To The Maximum Position So The Device Heats Up Quickly.
  • 5. At The End Of The Session, Towel Off The Sweat And Wait 15 Or 20 Minutes Before Showering Or Having A Bath, Eating Or Drinking Cold Drinks. Do Not Worry If Your Skin Is Reddish:this Reaction Is Due To The Constant Temperature It Has Been Exposed To And Will Disappear After A Couple Of Hours.
6. Once You Have Finished Your Session, Take Off The Sauna Belt And Spread It Out On A Flat Surface Until It Cools Down. Then Clean It With A Damp Cloth And Dry It. Store In A Dry Place. 

Payment :-
Payment will be accepted through Bank Transfer/Check/DD on The Name of Hitendra Patel,  as this is the most safe and secure mode of payment.
Product will be Shipped within 4-5 days once the payment receive.

Contact  Information
For Any Queries Contact me on:
Phone No: 0-9978834332, 0-9409276982,


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