Dent king -Ding Remove Car Dents at One Go Complete Kit SEEN ON TV @ Rs.1499/- + Delivery

Dent and Ding Remove Car Dents at One Go Complete Kit

Pops a Dent Car Dent Remover


The Original Dent King (Pops A Dent) Kit will remove dents in doors, fenders, hoods and trunk lids quickly and easily without harming the original paint surface. Original Dent King (Pops A Dent) is safe & professionally pulls out dents. The Dent King Repair Kit is the easiest and most cost effective way to repair those ugly dings and dents from your any vehicle. This do-it-yourself repair kit is the one that professional auto body shops use. Dent King will safely remove small and medium sized dings and dents on Cars, Boats, and Motorcycles. Dents and Dings Pops a dent out like a Magic. It s simple to use, In just 3 easy steps and Dent King removes dents from hail, car doors, and more, without damaging the surface of your car. The Dent King Repair Kit was developed and is used by professional auto-body repair experts. Now you can have this same dent removal tool right at home. Dent King saves you money and is the economical alternative to costly dent professionals.
How to use?
·                            Place a glue stick in the gun and pre-heat. Clean the surface of the dent. Apply an ample amount of glue to the Dent Pulling Tab.
·                            Quickly apply to centre of dent and let cool for a few minutes.
·                            Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab and attach the turning knob.
·                            Twist the Turning Knob, pulling the dent out, until the tab "pops" from the surface.
·                            Repair Dents quickly and easily and save on costly repair bills.

Dent King Repair Kit Includes:-
·                            2 Dent Pullers And Bridge
·                            Ding King Solution
·                            Tap-Down Tool
·                            Scraper
·                            Hot Glue Gun
·                            Wing Nut
·                            3 Bonding Sticks
·                            Full operating instructions

Product Description

Dent king
“Why spend hundreds of dollars at the body shop when you can fix it at home with the Dent King”
   Everything you need is included!
   No repainting the car
   No special tools 

Developed and utilized by professional auto-body experts
Unique patent-pending arched bridge design eliminates the chance for additional damage. Other systems without this design are known to actually add dents to the surface.
The bridge tool is designed with a flex-n-pull feature that allows the tool to flex as it pulls creating maximum pulling power.
Easily removes dents from hail, car doors, shopping carts and more without damaging the surface of your car.
Patent-pending adhesive system design guarantees dent removal without the messy, sticky residue other systems leave behind. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Will Dent King eliminate my dent 100%?
It depends on the size and location of the dent. Dent King works with excellent results however you will achieve the best results with smaller dents. For larger dents you must repeat the relocating the bridge in a clockwise rotation and repeat until you reach desired results. Choose a glue pad stem that best fits the size of your dent.
How long should I heat the glue gun before applying the glue to the glue pad stem?
Heat the glue gun with glue stick for no more than 5 minutes for best results. Use caution when handling glue gun and hot glue.
How long should I leave the glue pad on my vehicle?
Let the glue dry for approximately 3 - 5 minutes. The glue should be firm. Do not leave the glue pad on your vehicle for longer than 8 minutes. If you do not achieve desired results simply repeat the process. If you accidentally leave glue pad on car for longer than 8 minutes and the pulling bridge “bottoms out” (the glue gun does not “pop” off) simply apply slight pressure to left or right side of the bridge for release.
What if the knob is popping off prematurely after I turn the knob?
The ideal temperature range to perform your dent removal is from 65-85 degrees F. The car may be too cool and should be moved to a location that will meet the temperature range. Move the vehicle to a garage or use a hair dryer to heat the surface.
Will the glue leave a residue on my car?
Dent King glue pads feature a patent-pending design which prevents glue residue from remaining on the surface of the vehicle. In the unlikely event there is a residue left on your vehicle or on the glue pad after removal simply use isopropyl alcohol to remove it.
Will the glue damage the paint on my car?
Dent King is for use on original paint from vehicle manufacturers only. If the vehicle has cracked or chipped paint, applying glue and pulling the dent may cause additional paint to come off.
Will the pressure from the Dent King Bridge add dents to my vehicle or increase the damage?
Dent King features a patent-pending bridge design which distributes the pressure evenly throughout the bridge preventing the risk for additional damage or dents.
What if the pulling bridge “bottoms out” and doesn’t pop the glue pad and stem off my car?
If you accidentally leave glue pad on car for longer than 8 minutes and the pulling bridge “bottoms out” (the glue gun does not “pop” off) simply apply slight pressure to left or right side of the bridge for release.
Dent King includes:

Dent King patent pending dent puller
2 Dent removal stems for different size dents
Professional glue gun
One Double super-size glue stick
Knockdown tool
complete instructions

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